NetApp Cloud Insights

Control the performance and utilization of your cloud workloads

Cloud Insights is designed specifically for today’s cloud-based infrastructure and deployment technologies and provides advanced analytics on the connections between resources in the environment.

Cloud Insights is simple to use. Because it’s hosted in the cloud, it’s easy to get up and running fast. You’ll have real-time data visualization of the topology, availability, performance, and utilization of all your infrastructure, including both cloud and onpremises multivendor resources.

Cloud Insights quickly inventories what resources you have, figures out the interdependencies across them, and assembles a topology of your environment. You’ll have end-to-end visibility into what resources are supporting which applications.

There are 3 editions of Cloud Insights: Basic, Standard and Premium. Basic Edition is free to all NetApp customers. Standard and Premium editions offer additional capabilities and are priced by infrastructure being monitored. To see the current table of editions and features please visit:

Key benefits
  • Monitor your whole infrastructure, on-premises and in the cloud with a simple, easy-to-use, SaaS-based tool./h4>

  • When you have issues, find the problems before they affect customer satisfaction./h4>

  • Optimize your growing cloud spending by understanding unused infrastructure and overprovisioned workloads./h4>

  • Detect ransomware attacks before it’s too late • Easily satisfy compliance requirements for da/h4>

Key features

Cloud Insights provides end-to-end monitoring and analysis into the health, performance, cost and security of infrastructures that are shared across multiple applications and lines of business.

Whether these infrastructures are On-prem, in the Cloud or running Kubernetes, Cloud Insights optimizes their utilization reduces mean time to recover, delivers chargeback and show-back reports and enables business process automation. Here are the cloud Insights key features.


From the public cloud to the datacenter, full-stack visibility of infrastructure and applications from hundreds of collectors available, all in one place.

Kubernetes topology

Seamless navigation of Kubernetes clusters lets you identify performance issues and resource constraints - whether they’re internal to the cluster, or on the infrastructure supporting it.

Usage optimization

Effective resource management lets engineers and administrators proactively reduce waste and maximize utilization as part of their daily workflows to prevent performance bottlenecks and do more with less.

Ransomware and Insider Threat Detection

Protect your data with early detection and actionable intelligence on ransomware and other malware incursions. Alert on potential misuse or theft of key intellectual property by malicious parties, both internal and external to your organization.

Data Usage Audit Reporting

Ensure corporate compliance by auditing access and usage patterns to your critical corporate data onpremises or in the cloud.


A Dashboard Gallery creates relevant dashboards instantly, or easily customize to your specific needs.


Less noise, more relevance. Targeted and conditional alerts you can customize precisely.

Machine Learning

Automatically build topologies, correlate metrics and detect greedy or degraded resources, and resource contention. Alert on anomalous user behavior to detect security threats.

Active IQ integration

Active IQ’s predictive analytics directly visible from Cloud Insights. Directly identify Active IQ risks and take advantage of prescriptive guidance.

“NetApp Cloud Insights advanced analytics for pinpointing problem areas are outstanding. It helps us to pinpoint where issues may be, whether they are with storage, the network, on the clients, or with the application itself.” Ed Alexander —Senior Systems Administrator, Large Software Company Read the full review at IT Central Station

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