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Matris expertise delivers accurate, swift and secure solutions

Matris is the authorized service, solutions and services partner in Turkey for technology manufacturers with proven international credibility. Boasting expertise that spans 20 years, we offer technology solutions and services that ensure top-level efficiency and security for companies.

Seamless Cloud

Protect Your Data Securely in Hybrid Cloud Environment 

Matris offers solutions and services that simplify cloud operations, reduce costs, and facilitate data backup and data management. 

SDS Storage Solutions

Maintain uninterrupted data availability across multiple sites up to 10 kilometers apart with SDS. Your data and services stay available, and you can ensure availability across sites even when one of the sites is closed. 

Object Storage Solutions

You can simplify data management by combining object workloads in a hybrid cloud that can span flash, disk and cloud. Integrated lifecycle management policies optimize where your data will live throughout their lifecycles. 

All-Flash Solutions

You can take advantage of modular and flexible configuration options to support demanding performance and cost requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

While upsizing your system with new hardware, you can continue to use your existing hardware and connect all of them to the cloud. 

Consulting and Project Design Services End-to-end, accurate analysis

Consulting and Project Design Services End-to-end, accurate analysis

Matris's guiding principle is to accurately analyze company expectations and needs in order to deliver the right solutions and reliable services.

System Setup and
Integration Services

When you need to integrate anything into your systems, regardless of your business sector, we supply software and hardware from solution partners with proven brand recognition and power around the globe.

Maintenance and
Support Services

We offer Maintenance and Support services backed by Matris experience to meet your needs and requests so that you can get the best efficiency from your IT systems.

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